Penn West improves fleet and asset visibility – with help of FleetWave

Calgary-based Penn West reorganized its fleet data – and achieved valuable administration savings..

Pennwest oil asset

Penn West is one of the largest conventional oil and natural gas producers in Canada. Its land base encompasses approximately five million acres and its fleet consists of around 600 light duty trucks and 280 heavy vehicles and trailers. These fleet assets are operated throughout four provinces across Western Canada.

Penn West wanted to maximize the efficiency of its capital programs and increase the reliability of its production base. The company had explored opportunities to boost efficiency and had pinpointed its fleet management system as an item which could be improved.

Previously, Penn West had managed its large and complex fleet through the use of multiple spreadsheets, however, this system was deemed to be overly complicated and time-consuming.

Instead of using these spreadsheets, Penn West wanted to bring all of its fleet-related data together in a single, integrated platform.

This new system would help the company better understand its fleet-related data. In turn, this would provide a valuable opportunity to improve the utility companies’ fleet management and boost the fleet’s efficiency.

Simplified data collation

Penn West approached Chevin for a solution to bring all of this data together in one location, and in response, Chevin suggested FleetWave.

By implementing FleetWave’s fleet management solution, Penn West would be able to log in to a single database containing all of its fleet information.

The software could also integrate with data from other departments within the company, such as Human Resources and Health and Safety. The flexibility of the system provided Penn West with the potential to use the system to manage assets outside of the fleet, thus creating further cost-saving opportunities.

Reduced administration costs

 Since implementing FleetWave, Penn West has saved an enormous amount of time on mileage-gathering jobs. It says that the system is extremely easy to use, with its fleet administrator adding that the thought of not having access to FleetWave would be “totally unacceptable!”

 “Having access to all that information that is readily available to me, all day long, in one location has made our operation incredibly efficient,” they confirmed.