DC Water uses adaptable fleet software to boost asset utilization

When is a fleet management system not a fleet management system? When the customer uses it to manage much more than the fleet.

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DC Water – the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority – has been operating Chevin’s FleetWave for more than four and a half years. During that time, it has been put to work across not just the fleet but the whole organization.

“FleetWave has allowed us to create cultural change across our organization by providing complete visibility of our businesses and by driving policies and processes,” explained Timothy Fitzgerald, fleet director.

“A lot of software offers some level of customization but ultimately the business must adapt to the software’s structure. Instead, FleetWave has been truly adaptable to our exact business requirements.”

This flexibility has allowed DC Water to become genuinely paperless with all organizational information managed within FleetWave, reaching well beyond just fleet-specific tasks.

A comprehensive, paperless management system

Timothy said: “The system has enabled us to create a way of not only analyzing and controlling all of our business performance but provides us with an environment where employees can be cultivated to understand processes and their value to the authority. Our team now champions improvements through use of the system and we are always discussing new ideas.

“This unique capability and the overall reach of the software across our organization is why internally we now call the system simply ‘Wave’. I tell my people that if the data isn’t in the system then the job hasn’t been completed, and I don’t allow them to use separate spreadsheets or bits of paper because that quickly leads to disparate process and data.”

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Integration provides “bad practice” alerts

Further adding to its value, the ease of integration available through FleetWave has allowed DC Water to interface the software with its fueling system (EJ Ward), telematics platform (Geotab) and FleetWave’s motor pool and key control system – and manage all of these systems through FleetWave while generating simple to understand reports with actionable intelligence.

Tim said:

“For example, our telematics system feeds driver behavior information into FleetWave. This allows us to generate reports that highlight poor driving practices that lead to unnecessary fuel usage. The system also sends automated “bad practice” alerts directly to personnel and management on a daily basis while also linking to training programs to help support a culture of improvement.

“FleetWave’s integrated key control and reservation system means we can now manage how equipment is provided to DC Water’s staff – including pretty much any asset from rugged laptops all the way to vehicle keys. These items are stored in secure locking compartments so that our people can access their allocated property with a secure reservation code and employee ID. This has made sharing equipment across departments and the wider business much easier while increasing the utilization of our assets.

“We use the EJ Ward system to fuel our vehicles. There are approximately 10 fueling stations across the city and our drivers can access the fuel pumps using Wi-Fi devices located in the vehicles. This technology recognizes vehicle and the fuel and, of course, integrates to our fleet management software to provide us useful fuel information from fuel usage to alternative fuel usage, compliance and costs.”

DC Water has received international recognition for its utility fleet management efforts and widely acknowledges FleetWave’s significant part in its on-going improvements. FleetWave was even a headline article in a recent company newsletter, which you can download below.

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