Cox Communications improved its operational control with real-time fleet data integration

Chevin’s FleetWave technology has enabled Cox Communications to increase visibility and control over its fleet, integrating real-time data from multiple channels into a single information management system.

Cox Communications, an operating subsidiary of Cox Enterprises – a leading provider of cable television distribution, high-speed Internet access, telephone, home security and commercial telecommunications solutions – operates a fleet of more than 13,000 vehicles, maintained at 28 shops across the country.


Having previously managed a myriad of fleet business functions through multiple channels, Cox wanted to integrate and automate its data into one central management system in order to:

Streamline processes
Enhance the visibility of its fleet, asset and business units
Expand compliance
Enable cost-efficiency improvements

Key requirement: the ability to consolidate and standardize information in a uniformed format, making it available in one single web-based location.


Following an in-depth review process, Cox decided to implement Chevin’s FleetWave, a secure, web-based data management system.

Capable of drawing vast amounts of fleet and asset-related data into a single, secure web-based location with multi-user access, FleetWave would help Cox by vastly simplifying and standardizing its information technology infrastructure. It would also help the operation achieve:

Increased fleet asset visibility
Increased asset utilization
Improved cost visibility
Improved compliance and reduced administrative burdens
Real-time access to enterprise-wide fleet related data and support


One of the biggest benefits offered by FleetWave was in its ability to seamlessly migrate existing operational data, as well as integrate data from almost any third-party application. It was even able to integrate directly with an external point of sale system to help Cox manage fleet parts.

Explaining the benefits of Chevin’s integrated solutions Kyle Birkenfeld, Senior Manager for Area Fleet, said:

“Our previous fleet management software only enabled a one-way integration. In other words, we had to pick up the phone to order parts, wait to find out if they were available locally, and then the one-way integration would put the parts on the work order once the point of sale took place. There was no way to receive stock orders through the one-way integration, which left us with an error-prone manual data entry process.

“One of the reasons we switched to FleetWave was that it had a two-way integration in place with our parts supplier. Now, our technicians can use the integrated ‘punch out’ solution to request parts directly from a work order by accessing the part supplier’s full catalog of parts. The request initiates a check of local stores and nearby distribution centers electronically.”

“The integration helps immensely from a shop productivity standpoint, and it’s a much more efficient way to manage parts data.”


Overall, the Chevin team could draw on many years’ experience working with similar organizations in order to provide Cox with the highest levels of fleet and project management accountability.

FleetWave quickly delivered tremendous efficiencies and benefits while maximizing Cox’s return on its software investment.

The software has helped Cox improve its operational efficiency, reduce costs, increase compliance and make better business decisions for the benefit of its stakeholders.