Budget 2017 – What Does it Mean for Fleet?

Chevin’s managing director, Ashley Sowerby, provides his comment on the latest budget statement

budget statement 2017 fleet

“For fleet, the message to come out of today’s budget is a relatively calm announcement despite an unpredictable economic outlook.

“There are a number of individual interesting points for the industry – perhaps one of the most notable being that a much-rumoured diesel scrappage scheme was in fact not included in the budget.

“However, changes to Vehicle Excise Duty will go ahead as planned in April 2017 and we know that the Government is continuing to assess diesel’s role in clean air strategies – so further developments in relation to this fuel could still be on the cards in the Autumn budget.

“Meanwhile, the industry will welcome the fact that fuel duty has been frozen once again this year – for the seventh year running.

”In terms of technology, the investment into automotive R&D clearly underpins the trend towards connected and automotive vehicles.

“And speaking of investment, plans to launch a £690 million competition for local authorities to help tackle urban congestion and ‘get transport networks moving again’ will be welcomed by the fleet industry. With the UK currently ranked as the fourth most congested country in the world, fleet continues to be greatly affected by the cost of drivers sitting in traffic.”