Introducing FleetWave 2.60!

Available on Monday 29th July 2019, our latest code release brings with it brand-new functionality and a multitude of new benefits…

*Please note that this is not a compulsory upgrade 

The Chevin team has been working tirelessly to not only update FleetWave’s look and feel, but also introduce some brand-new tools that will make light work of managing all business and fleet-specific requirements…

Dashboard Redesign

FleetWave’s dashboard has been upgraded with a fresh new feel and is now fully responsive, making content easily accessible and viewable across all electronic devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. Gone are the days of clunky scroll bars and out-of-view data, with all fleet information now displaying in an optimised, device-specific view.

fleetwave new dashboard

The ‘Fleet Status’ tool has also been repositioned and is now available ‘on demand’. Instead of appearing as a fixed table on the right-hand side of the screen, this function can now be opened and closed at the click of a button (see above), further optimising space for reporting.


Additionally, there is a brand-new ‘Manage KPIs’ tool that allows users to select and deselect key performance indicators as they wish. This tool is located at the bottom right-hand side of the FleetWave screen (see above) and eliminates the need to write raw SQL into the database. It also provides the means to write new KPIs as and when needed.


Browse Screen Updates

FleetWave’s browse screens have been enhanced in a similar way, ensuring a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing experience. As shown below, information-specific icons are now used across each browse screen, including items such as rendered number plates, country flags and fuel type by colour.

With version 2.60 of our software, it is now also possible to view table-specific KPIs on the browse screen. Previously this function could only be accessed via the homepage, meaning users had to navigate away from the task in hand. This new tool is accessed via a graph icon at the top right-hand side of the screen (see above).

The new interface also grants access to reports and letter queries, which were previously only accessible via the ‘quick links’ drop-down menu on the homepage (see below).

This tool also grants access to a new ‘Manage Reports’ function to allow easier configuration. In very much the same way as the , users can now select/deselect the reports they wish to run, and create new ones as and when necessary.

Additionally, we have introduced new screen lock capabilities, allowing users to freeze selected columns in order to keep job-relevant data on the screen when scrolling horizontally. This tool is located to the right-hand side of each column title, as indicated below.

New Features

Other additional new features include:

A new search tool that can be used from anywhere within FleetWave, to search for vehicles; drivers; accidents; allocations and cost centres …simply hit Shift + Space!

Keyboard shortcuts …simply click the keyboard icon at the top left-hand side FleetWave