Introducing the Workshop Hub

Our new workshop management tool is being launched early next year

You may have heard that we are about to launch a new product early next year called the Workshop Hub. Well, the rumours are true.

The release date has yet to be confirmed but progress on developing the new tool is well on its way.

So, what is the Workshop Hub and what will it be able to do?

The ‘Hub’ is a dedicated tool that will manage and update on all workshop activity remotely, reducing the reliance on traditional paper-based activity. Tasks can be assigned to the relevant technician who in turn can action and update on them via a touch screen device.

Such remote working will enable both workshop and fleet managers to oversee the status of jobs and ‘virtually manage’ technicians which in turn will support with planning and assigning tasks.

NB. Images include test data

Daily administration tasks such as time sheets, service documents, inspection sheets and workshop audits can all be viewed from a portable device.

The Hub will enable compliance and fleet risk management activities to become more streamlined, with the capabilities to produce targeted, manufacturer-specific inspection sheets for specified vehicles. Mandatory fields will prevent any paperwork from being digitally filed before being completed to minimise mistakes that could lead to compliance issues.

Other benefits of the Hub include:

Increased efficiency
Completion of vehicle specific documentation
Ease of implementation
Encouragement of a proactive, empowered work ethic
Electronic signature capture capabilities
In-depth history reporting
Easy uploading and distribution of images
 Cost savings through reduced printing costs
Supports informed decisions by providing greater visibility of fleet data

Keep an eye out for updates on the progress of the Workshop Hub in future editions of this newsletter.