FleetWave’s New User Experience

We are excited to announce a number of user interface upgrades making their way to FleetWave over the coming months.

The first upgrade to launch will be FleetWave’s new log-in screen, which will be available in the software’s next code release.

Introducing the very latest user experience technologies while delivering a clean, modern interface, FleetWave’s new log-in screen will retain all of the existing functionality but extends the user experience.

Framed browser pop-ups have been replaced with modals, for a consistent style across all web browsers. Using a more structured grid system, the layout of content makes the tools coherent and easy-to-use.

It will perfectly adapt to all devices including smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets.

Each time the new log-in screen loads, it will display 1 of 4 background images, on rotation, that will be periodically updated. This will shortly be extended to enable company images to be uploaded, so that ¾ of the screen can be custom branded.