We take a look at some of the new UI updates

Sending charts from your dashboard to your colleagues is now much easier due to a WYSIWYG editor. Any message that you want to send can be more easily formatted using options such as bold, italics to help emphasise or highlight points.

Hover over the three dots on the right hand of the chart to reveal a drop-down menu.

Then, click on the ‘Email this Chart’ option

It’s now as easy as that! New functions allow you to highlight, underline or bullet point items to help with you communciations.

We’ve also improved the look and feel of all planners as result of the new UI updates. Let’s take a look at the rental planner browser to demonstrate this. This has been made in the new bootstrap framework which allows it to be more responsive and improve browser compatibility .

This means that all planners in FleetWave get a much better look and feel including rental and pool car booking tools as seen below.

More updates to follow next month.