As we rapidly approach the end of our financial year, we want to share with you the next step in the ChevinX plan

With our 30th year almost upon us, we are delighted to announce the following changes taking place over the coming weeks. With our ongoing commitment and investment into the Customer and Employee experience programmes (CX and EX), these changes will really drive us forward.

For subscription software businesses, ‘Customers for Life’ (CFL) are what we will live by, so it is imperative that all stages of the customer lifecycle deliver a brilliant experience. Prospective customers will be guided throughout the buying cycle by experts at Chevin, from the very beginning.

With this in mind, it gives us great pleasure to announce Lorraine Gerrard, Gary McNamee, Sonia Ahmed, and Marjorie Dejumo as the newly created Sales Development Rep team (SDR). Lorraine will lead this new function, and the SDR team will be responsible for receiving and nurturing newly created leads, ensuring the prospect meets our ideal customer profile. They will then guide them through to the Account Executives (AE) to close, before passing the account on to our Professional Services and Customer Success Management (CSM) teams.

Which leads us on to the next item, CSM expansion.

With Matt Gibbons coming onboard, it has allowed us to further explore the new world of Customer Success, the key tenets of that function, how it maximises customer adoption, drives retention, and ultimately acts as the customers’ number 1 advocate in the business. Again, with great pleasure, we announce that Brooke Benkert will take the lead role in expanding the team in the US and, with that, Shawn Harrington and Eileen Thompson will transition into the role of CSM, working with Brooke and Matt to drive the CFL ambition.

With more exciting announcements on the horizon, we would like to thank you for your continued hard work, dedication, and support as we grow and evolve.