Harmonised fuel labelling begins across Europe and the EEA member states

October marks the launch of a new fuel labelling initiative to help reduce confusion at the filling stations.

If you are planning a trip to Europe by car, you may be unaware that a new fuel labelling system has been introduced by the EU. This harmonised labelling system has been implemented across all of 27 EU member states in addition to 7 other countries – Switzerland, Iceland, Serbia, Turkey, Norway, Macedonia and Liechtenstein. There are currently no plans to introduce the new labelling system in the UK.

The labels will be present at all filling stations and are also set to appear near the fuel filler flap on all new models of car.

Petrol is now identifiable by a circle and the letter ‘E’ and diesel by a square and the letter ‘B’. A number is associated with each letter and this represents the rate of ethanol (petrol) or bio-ethanol (diesel) in the fuel. Gaseous fuels are recognizable by a lozenge shape.

To facilitate this change, labelling will be duplicated so that both the former and new labels will be present at the pumps.

Please be aware – only the names and labels have changed, the composition of the fuel remains the same!

Details of the new labels are detailed in our handy infographic below.