A new Events Engine tool in the latest update of Chevin’s fleet management software, FleetWave, allows operations to rapidly design and automate alerts, reminders and other messages that are sent to their workers.


FleetWave’s ‘events engine’ helps streamline fleet communications by allowing users to build rules that will automatically trigger and send messages via email or text to drivers, technicians and the workforce.

These messages help regulate workflows and improve visibility of information such as service reminders, medicals, regulatory compliance requirements and much more. For example, fleet operators can use the events engine to automatically create and send invoices to customers, set alerts for when services are due, auto-generate orders when a part is ‘out of stock’, and it even schedule a vehicle for repair and send an email automatically from the system to relevant personnel.

The new enhancement makes it incredibly simple to design, style and brand the messages triggered by user-created events. Users can now enhance message content with tables, images and font styles, colours and much more, without the need to learn any code.

David Gladding, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Chevin, explains:

“Automating alerts, reminders and other processes through the event engine is a great way to reduce fleet administration and ensure organisations communicate information efficiently.

“FleetWave offers users the ability to create, schedule and send messages and emails directly from the software system. This capability provides a very useful way to immediately set alerts and report findings. It helps reduce administrative time and eliminates the risk of data entry errors and inefficient reporting.

“The new enhancement means fleets can further reduce workload by quickly creating messages that look great and take less time to construct, even if they do not have any knowledge of coding.”

The new event engine tool will be made available to FleetWave users in mid-spring.