Local council freed up its resources with asset and fleet management software

Dudley Metropolitan  Borough Council needed to reduce costly work duplication and improve its processes. To achieve this, it opted for Chevin’s web-based fleet management software, FleetWave.

Fleet Management Solutions

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council covers 39 square miles, delivering more than 100 services for 300,000 residents and businesses in the region. The council employs nearly 1,500 personnel and has a fleet of around 450 vehicles, consisting of cars, vans, buses, and lorries alongside heavy plant machinery and associated equipment.

Dudley previously used two separate and incompatible systems for its fleet management needs. Both systems were out-of-date and unable to manage the mass of data accumulated by the fleet department, in addition they offered very limited data visibility.

Senior Technical Administration Officer, Elizabeth Barker, said:

“Vast administrative resources and time-consuming processes were required to run the previous parallel systems, which often resulted in the duplication of data-entry work. Methods to manage and plan procedures, such as vehicle maintenance and workshops tasks, were long and drawn-out.”

Both systems were incompatible with common operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, causing restrictions in the workstations and severely limiting the range of technology available to the department.

The potential gains to its fleet by replacing the older systems were obvious, so Dudley set out to find a system capable of managing its current needs and flexible enough to handle any future changes.

A flexible framework

After careful commercial scoping with various systems on the market, Dudley consulted with Chevin about the challenge, and the potential areas of development.

Chevin has developed systems for numerous municipal operations in the UK and across the world, and using this experience it was able to provide a detailed framework based on the particular needs of councils in general and specific to Dudley’s operations.

Following various product demonstrations, Dudley narrowed down the choices and selected Chevin’s FleetWave as the best option. Elizabeth said that the key factors behind the decision were web-based accessibility, Windows compatibility and overall flexibility.

Reduced administration costs

Elizabeth commented:

“FleetWave has addressed every problem we previously faced. The software has the capacity to deal with all aspects of fleet management.”

FleetWave first went live for Dudley in 2009 and after three years of success, the council upgraded to the latest 2.0 version. The system has now been in place for more than six years and has been subject to a programme of continuous development.

Elizabeth said:

Local governments looking to improve their transport operations should definitely consider investing in software as capable as FleetWave. The system’s scheduled maintenance programme has become instrumental for us. Some operations may still be using a manual or semi-automated system with which to schedule their fleet but we have really benefited from the automated features and ease of use. I would estimate it has saved us at least two hours a day, per user on administration.”

She concluded:

“FleetWave has been a fantastic choice for Dudley. As the operation’s needs change, so has the system. It is so versatile – it is as big or as small as your own vision.”