Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (US)

By Ellen Sowerby
20 December 2021

Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (US)

06-08 June 2022

Williamsburg Lodge and Conference Center, Virginia

The Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC) is an educational conference for fleet representatives from investor-owned electric utilities, electric cooperatives and electrical contractors held annually at the Williamsburg Lodge and Conference Center in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Fleets Attending EUFMC:

  • Collectively spend over $3.8 billion on vehicles annually
  • Operate, manage and maintain nearly 186,000 vehicles and an additional 37,000 pieces of equipment
  • Included are almost 114,000 trucks, about 26,000 bucket trucks and nearly 30,000 service vehicles
  • Employ more than 4,800 technicians and spend over $1.8 billion annually on labor, parts and fuel

The EUFMC General Session is a two-day comprehensive educational program featuring presentations by industry experts, manufacturers and fleets. In 2021, presenters addressed Essential Tools For Fleet Excellence. Fleet representatives and suppliers also took part in roundtable best practices discussions.

Representatives from over 100 manufacturers and service providers attend EUFMC. The event includes a drive-through utility equipment demonstration and an equipment show that is the site of more than 60 displays.

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