Transport and logistics firms help drive Chevin’s European expansion

We have seen a significant increase in requests from transport and logistics firms, as we expand across Continental Europe.

We have recently received increased interest from transport and logistics organisations, with regards to the management of their vehicles, trailers and maintenance information …and recent implementations at EWALS Cargo Care & Trucking, DSV and Carlsberg highlight the sustained interest from those managing specialist and commercial vehicles, particularly organisations involved in transport and logistics.

We often encounter large-scale transport and logistics fleets that are struggling to deal with the limitations of spreadsheets, legacy systems or in-house software. In these instances, companies need a central repository to manage multiple depos and cost centres.

Paul Verkinderen, Vice President for EMEA Sales at Chevin, said:

“Many organisations that manage large logistics vehicles, their associated trailers and equipment tell us that they have a telematics system in place, which delivers excellent solutions to their dispatch, tachograph and routing needs.

“However, when it comes to the regulatory compliance and complex maintenance requirements for these vehicles, they are still struggling to make sense of and consolidate such information in a meaningful way.”

Organisations operating fleets globally need flexible solutions that are capable of sorting important fleet data by complex hierarchies such as department; site; cost centre; continent and more – and giving relevant information to specific users is also essential, whether that’s a local driver logging his mileage, a regional fleet manager needing regions specific reports on fuel costs, or an operations director needing detailed KPIs on global fleet performance.

“For a fleet operating hundreds or thousands of vehicles, running numerous spreadsheets is simply not going to provide the level of tools and report generation that is needed. You need to gain overall visibility of each asset’s lifecycle, and the associated operating costs” Paul continued.

Multilingual support is also imperative, to provide data from all business sites and automatically present it in localised metrics and languages. This can help users understand where improvements could be made and ensure adherence to region-specific requirements.

“The best global fleet management software will offer the ability to easily view and understand all of your regional fleet data within a single system, to help you keep on top of associated costs, policies and objectives across your entire business – and that’s exactly what our clients have found out.

“We are seeing more and more large fleets turn to our software, FleetWave, for all of their fleet, asset and equipment information. Meanwhile, this has also lead to an increase in partnerships from telematics providers and other third parties who consistently receive requests for integrations with our software.”