Ensure your fleet management software is suited to your global needs

It’s important for global fleets to have a single fleet management system to help measure and manage their international operations.

International fleetWhere fleets operate internationally, there are strong benefits of utilising a single information management system that can easily collate and help manage data generated from different locations.

That’s according to Paul Verkinderen, Chevin Vice President Europe & Africa, who explains:

“Local fleet management software can be very effective for organisations that manage fleets for one specific country. However we have also seen many instances of businesses operating across multiple territories that have encountered additional challenges when it comes to managing their fleet. This is due to the need to capture, analyse and take action on data relating to different metrics, currencies and languages.

“Put simply, operations working internationally that wish to keep administration down, increase efficiency and improve compliance will benefit most from a global fleet management system; one that can easily collate, keep track and make sense of all their information – whatever metric that data is generated in and from whatever location.”

Powerful fleet management systems that can bring disparate information together and analyse it effectively are proving to be especially important given the advent of so-called ‘big data’, Paul continues:

“The amount of data being stored and processed by fleet management software systems has risen exponentially in the last decade and the trend looks set to continue. In fact, fleet software systems of today are being asked to handle something like 10 times as much data as those from around a decade ago.

“Having more and better quality information about fleets is great as it can help operations make more informed operations decisions. However it also presents a challenge: ‘How can you present this data in a meaningful way’?

“For the modern fleet operation dealing with these increased amounts of data, old-fashioned means of information management such as spreadsheets will no longer be sufficient to carry out analysis quickly, accurately and efficiently.

“It’s clear that there is a strong requirement for thoughtfully-designed fleet management software which is able to handle large amounts of data in a way that brings clarity to system users – wherever they are located.”

Paul Verkinderen has been confirmed as one of the speakers in a panel discussion at the International Fleet Meeting, taking place in Geneva, 8 March 2017. For more details and to register your place at the event, visit: http://www.aboutfleet.ch/events/index_en.php