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Southwest Gas use FleetWave to improve fleet visibility

By Ellen Sowerby
20 October 2023

We interviewed Justin Mahana, Administrator/Corporate Fleet Manager, Southwest Gas Corporation about his experience using FleetWave to manage over 2,600 vehicles and assets. Southwest Gas Corporation was founded in 1931 and provides natural gas services to more than 2 million people. They have been using FleetWave to manage their fleet since 2019.



Could you explain a bit about what your company does?

“My name is Justin Mahana, I’m the Administrator of Corporate Fleet Management for Southwest Gas Corporation. Southwest Gas Corporation is a natural gas distribution company in the Tri-State region of Arizona, California and Nevada.”


What is your fleet size?

“Our fleet size of vehicles and equipment is about 2,600 units.”


What type of vehicles and assets make up your fleet?

“So we have a very diverse fleet. We have anywhere from class one passenger vehicles, to class eight tractors on the vehicle side, mostly being medium duty service type vehicles.

On the equipment side, we have trailers, yellow iron, backhoes, compressors, small towables and pretty much anything in between.”


What are some of the specific challenges of running a fleet in your industry?

“Prior to FleetWave, a big challenge we had was visibility, visibility of the data.

We had a fleet information system that was difficult to use. It had all the information, but trying to get that information out and making it usable and relevant was extremely difficult.”


How has FleetWave helped overcome the challenges you were experiencing?

“FleetWave has been able to take the vehicle data, whether it be, you know, specifics on the vehicle or maintenance data, scheduling, things like that, and bring it to the top, and have that visibility on what the fleet is doing from day to day.”


What features do you use most in FleetWave?

“Probably the most frequently used feature is the reporting, the report builder, the query builder. It’s very robust and easy to use, even for someone without any programming experience.”


Why would you recommend Chevin?

“I would recommend Chevin because of the robustness of the software, the capabilities of the software, and the level of support that we’ve received after implementation. With any issues or questions or anything like that, the level of support has been top-notch.”

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