Steven De Clercq 6 years at Chevin

By Ellen Sowerby
14 November 2022

Our Solution Delivery Manager, Steven De Clercq, has been at Chevin 6 years this month!

Within his role at Chevin Steven is responsible for supporting our customers in their delivery requests by creating specification documents, documenting requirements and guiding them through their new system.

He also leads the business analyst team and the implementation consultant teams, ensuring we are all using the same standards and practices when delivering our services.

When asked what he likes the most about working at Chevin Steven stated: ‘There is a great company culture, wonderful people and a constant drive for improvement which keeps working here fun, challenging and interesting.’

In his free time Steven enjoys playing the guitar while watching Pixar movies and gaming – rarely simultaneously though!

What you might not know about Steven is that he is left-handed, which in Latin means ‘sinister’ – make of it what you will!


Congratulations Steven!

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