Richard Clark - 4 years at Chevin!

By Ellen Sowerby
22 December 2021

Our Product Manager, Rich, has been with Chevin 4 years this month!

Within his role at Chevin Rich is responsible for driving our Next Generation FleetWave product. He conceptualised the award winning Workshop Hub, which he is currently overseeing its conversion into a mobile app, this being a joint development working in conjunction with a global client big in the AV area.

When asked what he likes the most about working at Chevin Rich stated: ‘I love the team I work with! They are professional, humble, super talented and have great humour!

It’s exciting to be working on the new product to bring benefit to customers, innovating and working with exciting new technologies. I am currently working with a major global client on some really cool stuff!’

Rich’s hobbies include mountain climbing, hiking, music and most recently film making!

What you may not know about Rich is that he used to play bass in a band, gigging up and down the country, they covered all sorts of quality music for weddings and parties, even playing in Europe!

Congratulations Rich!

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