New Chevin family member - Erinne Matte-Daniels

By Gary Thomas
19 April 2021

Our team is always expanding, and we’re excited to welcome Erinne to the Chevin family!


Erinne Matte-Daniels

Global Director, Customer Success

Joining us to lead our Customer Success team, Erinne has 25-years of experience working for SaaS-based companies. She’ll be at the helm for a number of key activities, including customer satisfaction, data integrity and customer relations.

Outside of work, Erinne enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to 80s music concerts and attending different Comic Cons. Halloween is her favourite holiday and she’s famous for her epic annual Halloween party.

She’s a huge David Bowie and Wonder Woman fan …and her office is a shrine to them both!


Welcome to the family, Erinne!