James Purchase - 2 years at Chevin!

By Ellen Sowerby
03 November 2021

Our Software Developer, James, has been with Chevin for 2 years this month!


Since joining Chevin he has been responsible for converting specifications into a working product, general bug fixing and assisting others in the business with an insight into how FleetWave works behind the scenes.

What James likes the most about Chevin is the people, the location of our UK HQ, in the historic mill town of Belper and the sense that we are helping so many people outside of the business with a product that makes operations much easier and more efficient!

Outside of work James enjoys cooking, programming his own projects, video games and the pub (if that counts!)

James had a badly broken shoulder in his 2nd year of university and was close to dropping out, but having to repeat the year came with a motivation he hadn’t felt before and allowed him to discover his passion for programming – he claims to be eternally grateful to whoever planted the tree he cycled into, and so are we!

Congratulations on 2 years James!