If your company is involved in waste management, it’s likely you’ll operate a variety of specialised equipment, from refuse vehicles to vacuum tankers and road sweepers.

It’s important to keep a close overview of all the vehicles, plant and other assets involved in your daily operations – but often, the variety of assets being used at any one time means this can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

Chevin’s software for waste management allows companies to gain real-time visibility over their entire portfolio and increase control over every element of their operations.

Features such as alerts and KPI tracking and analysis and automated dashboard notifications can help you capture and interpret critical fleet data, utilise assets more effectively and pinpoint opportunities to reduce operating costs.

You can tailor the system to suit your needs – whether that includes pulling in data from a variety of applications such as invoicing systems, creating equipment and staff task planners or specifying different user access levels as required.

Use FleetWave to streamline data and processes related to:

• Workshop procedures
• Operator, driver and mechanic certifications and license renewals
Fuel management
• Equipment and plant availability and optimisation
• Task and personnel planning
• Critical fleet metrics: such as total cost of ownership, emissions, fuel usage, maintenance and compliance

Chevin’s intuitive and intelligent software for waste management can be developed to provide the best solution for your business.