Chevin Drives Efficiency with Enhanced Eco Label Function

Enhancements to FleetWave’s ‘Eco Label’ function now provide a customised breakdown of environmental performance.

new eco label function

Thanks to new enhancements in FleetWave’s ‘Eco Label’ function, we will be ready to respond to the CO2 legislation changes that have been proposed for Australia.

Light vehicle emission standards currently cover 80% of the global automotive market, and have recently been proposed for Australia. This step-change has been supported in a paper released by the Australian government, and it is thought that all new vehicles sold from 2025 will be required to meet a standard of 105g/km. The proposed regulation will be applied across all vehicles sold by a manufacturer – opposed to individual assets – with a view to drive vehicle efficiency forwards.

FleetWave’s ‘Eco Label’ function enables organisations to measure the emissions of company vehicles, sort them into an appropriate category, and attach a customised label that will instantly comply with any new legislation. This enables fleet managers to adhere to any emission standards set by the Government, or even bespoke rules set by company policy.

Our fuel management tool compares an accurate ‘real world’ overview of environmental performance with that stated by a manufacturer, which typically shows a difference of between 15%-20%. The new tool allows each label to be customised with specific values – from country, fuel type and date of registration to min./max. CO2g/km, letter band and arrow colour/size – and our software can be configured so that the labels are visible on the majority of FleetWave’s standard screens. It can also measure the breakdown of CO2 costs that are attributed to a fleet of cars, and is presented in an easy-to-use traffic light format, making it easy for operators to measure vehicle efficiency, monitor performance and eliminate costly vehicles.

Speaking on the enhanced tool, Jackie Kirk, Chevin’s Regional Sales Manager for Asia Pacific, said:

“Detailed environmental reporting is an increasingly important tool in the automotive sector, even more so in light of the new light vehicle emission standard that has been proposed for Australia, and the ability to respond immediately to any legislation changes is paramount.

Fuel consumption and CO2 output are key parameters when measuring fleet management success, so Chevin’s newly enhanced ‘Eco Label’ function is an invaluable tool for all fleet managers in the face of new environmental regulations.”