Bolton Clarke boosts asset visibility with FleetWave

Bolton Clarke, formerly Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) wanted to manage complex data about its drivers and fleet vehicles. Chevin came forward with technology that enabled a clear and concise overview – and cut costs.

Royal District Nursing Service

Bolton Clarke provides nursing and healthcare to people in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  Every year, its 1,600 staff travel more than 8 million kilometres in total. These journeys include more than two million visits to over 40,000 people, mainly in their own homes.

With a substantial area to cover, and such a large fleet, Bolton Clarke needed to have a powerful solution in place to help it manage details of its drivers and vehicles.

The not for profit organisation wanted to replace its legacy system with a new, better fleet solution more tailored to its needs. This upgrade would need to be comprehensive – but also clear and concise; an easy-to-use management system for vehicle repair and maintenance scheduling, pool booking and much more.

Highly organised management

FleetWave’s strength in delivering multiple solutions within a single management system made it the standout choice.

The enterprise-level product would allow Bolton Clarke to incorporate a number of tools within a single management system.

The team behind the FleetWave software has a wide range of experience, making sure that systems can be created for businesses’ specific needs. Rather than working around the software, the emergency services provider could be sure that FleetWave would be adapted to meet its requirements.

Sure enough, FleetWave provided a tailored product that would help the company to keep a tight overview of all the aspects it needed to control.

A number of solutions were delivered within the system, including:

Asset register
 Driver management
 Repair and maintenance scheduling and compliance
 Insurance and claims management
 Infringements management
 Asset reporting
 Pool booking
 Parts management
 Fuel management