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  • Full visibility over your key performance indicators:Keeping your fleet on track and agile.
  • Access to multiple streams of real-time fleet data:Creating controlled and informed operations.
  • Greener, leaner fleet operations:Helping you to measure fuel usage, monitor CO2 emissions and comply with environmental legislation.
  • From the start:Our dedicated project managers & support officers are on hand to ensure you get the most from our software.
  • Built around your needs:Scalable, flexible and able to streamline processes regardless of fleet size or complexity.

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Case Studies - Tropical Shipping USA

Tropical controls 21,000+ assets with FleetWave

Fleet Size: 21,000 Previous System: Fleetmax Product: FleetWave


Tropical Shipping USA is a freight-shipping company that provides services throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean, operating facilities in sea ports all the way from Canada to South Florida.

The company has 21,000 assets and its services range from booking and tracking cargo to taking delivery of goods.

Client Brief

Tropical has a huge number of assets in its portfolio, spread across various sites. Asset maintenance is a task that requires a high level of organization, and Tropical wished to ensure it was completing this task in the most efficient way possible.

The company decided to replace its old maintenance management system with new software that could provide a global view of what was happening in all locations. This new software would ensure service reliability and superior asset utilization and would be a massive factor in helping Tropical stay competitive.

Client Benefits

Chevin’s FleetWave software system was assessed to be the perfect fit for Tropical’s specific requirements.

The system was flexible enough to match the shopping company’s needs, and was browser-based, meaning that it could be used from a variety of locations.

“By having FleetWave as a universal maintenance management system, we would be able to maintain our competitive edge and continue to make progress in obtaining our strategic objectives,” said Tropical Shipping.

The automated system was easily integrated with the company’s existing software and allowed Tropical to reduce the amount time and money previously spent on administration.

When maintenance work orders were created, for example, FleetWave could interpret this data and provide information for the purchasing of new parts.

FleetWave also enabled the company to track equipment maintenance and fuel costs, better manage the inventory of spare parts, and plan employees’ work schedules, making optimum use of their time and effort.

Today, FleetWave is used as a universal system in all Tropical’s locations, which has led to drastic reductions in the admin and paper costs previously incurred by the company.

Some of Tropical’s maintenance employees no longer have to complete paper work orders, since FleetWave includes a barcode scanner, custom screens for fuel, pre-trip information, work orders, and more – all within electronic handheld devices.

In addition, preventative maintenance (PM) status can now be viewed for each type of equipment in all shop locations; from a single dashboard on FleetWave’s home page. The company’s management team can instantly access a range of information about its fleet – from asset counts to accidents and warranty claims.

Tropical now completes its maintenance tasks in a more efficient manner. FleetWave has helped it lower costs, increase planning and efficiency, and make maintenance decisions more easily with the aid of instant, real-time information.

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