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  • Full visibility over your key performance indicators:Keeping your fleet on track and agile.
  • Access to multiple streams of real-time fleet data:Creating controlled and informed operations.
  • Greener, leaner fleet operations:Helping you to measure fuel usage, monitor CO2 emissions and comply with environmental legislation.
  • From the start:Our dedicated project managers & support officers are on hand to ensure you get the most from our software.
  • Built around your needs:Scalable, flexible and able to streamline processes regardless of fleet size or complexity.

JC Bamford Excavators Ltd (JCB)Visit company website

Case Studies - JC Bamford Excavators Ltd (JCB)

Fleet Size: 400 Previous System: VIS Product: RoadBASE Date Installed: April 1996


J C Bamford Excavators Ltd employs over 4,000 people and produces over 130 different models across 4 different continents - with bases in the UK and USA.

Client Brief

JCB was keen to procure a comprehensive fleet management system, matched by high standards of service and support from the selected provider. The key goal JCB wanted to achieve with fleet management software was the improvement of the maintenance of its collection of cherished number plates, and ability to assign them to new vehicles when the need arose. JCB also required a solution capable of importing fuel issues from the company's fuel dispensers.

Client Benefits

RoadBASE from Chevin Fleet Solutions fitted every single requirement of JCB's. The in-house workshop was effectively managed through the use of the RoadBASE Workshop and Stock Control modules.

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