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  • Full visibility over your key performance indicators:Keeping your fleet on track and agile.
  • Access to multiple streams of real-time fleet data:Creating controlled and informed operations.
  • Greener, leaner fleet operations:Helping you to measure fuel usage, monitor CO2 emissions and comply with environmental legislation.
  • From the start:Our dedicated project managers & support officers are on hand to ensure you get the most from our software.
  • Built around your needs:Scalable, flexible and able to streamline processes regardless of fleet size or complexity.

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OVM uses FleetWave for total fleet visibility

Fleet Size: 11,000+ Previous System: E-Track Product: FleetWave


Within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the Office of Vehicle Management (OVM) – a body that oversees the Commonwealth’s Executive Branch fleet of light duty and passenger vehicles.

These vehicles are used by state personnel to conduct state business and the OVM is responsible for their acquisition, leasing, maintenance, and repair. It also administers fleet support contracts for glass, tires, fuel cards and maintenance.

The OVM provides comprehensive services that include:

  • Vehicle procurement
  • Acquisition of alternative fuel vehicles
  • Maintenance of fleet repair services
  • Fuel card program and services
  • Ongoing auditing of all repairs and upfit
  • 1-800 "How am I Driving" program
  • Accident and subrogation services
  • Tire and glass replacement
  • Reservations and daily rentals

Client Brief

OVM had been storing all of the information about its fleet on a number of systems and spreadsheets. It was a complex method of data storage that required a great deal of administration to keep up-to-date. Often, these systems didn’t provide enough flexibility to complete required tasks and they weren’t integrated with each other so the complicated structure was increasing the workload throughout the organization.

The OVM recognised the need to bring all of its fleet data together in a single place in order to remove this administrative burden from its staff.

All in all, OVM wished to create an effective, more integrated system to manage all the information related to its fleet.

Client Benefits

OVM found the ideal solution in Chevin’s FleetWave software – a web-based fleet management tool.

OVM’s operations were diverse, spread over hundreds of departments across the State, which had previously made it difficult for the management team to keep an overview of the entire organisation. FleetWave however, was capable of providing full, real-time access to crucial fleet data from any location with a web connection.

Using the FleetWave system, anybody with management authorisation could view the data, at any time.

Using a ‘thin’ browser-based application would prove to be a key benefit to an organisation with such wide-ranging operations.

The use of FleetWave’s fleet management software means that OVM can view real-time details of all assets in the system - from vehicle purchase through to remarketing including department and driver management, accident management, certification and much more.

Today, the organization has complete visibility over every aspect of its fleet.

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