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  • Full visibility over your key performance indicators:Keeping your fleet on track and agile.
  • Access to multiple streams of real-time fleet data:Creating controlled and informed operations.
  • Greener, leaner fleet operations:Helping you to measure fuel usage, monitor CO2 emissions and comply with environmental legislation.
  • From the start:Our dedicated project managers & support officers are on hand to ensure you get the most from our software.
  • Built around your needs:Scalable, flexible and able to streamline processes regardless of fleet size or complexity.

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Case Studies - Blue Mountains City Council

Fleet Size: 480 Previous System: Excel Product: FleetWave AU Date Installed: August 2005

Client Quote

The strength of a company-wide Fleet Management system is in the reporting. We now have a much greater ability to spot items of concern, plus we can see trends early, highlighting training opportunities or opportunities to implement other risk management reduction strategies. This all helps us improve our service delivery.

Waste and Support Manager


The Blue Mountains local government area covers 143,000 hectares of land in the Greater Sydney Region. About 70 per cent of the area is incorporated into the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park, with approximately 11 per cent of the total land area in private ownership and available for human settlement. The resident population for the Blue Mountains in the year 2006 was 73,084 people who lived in, or in the vicinity of, 27 towns and villages.

Client Brief

The primary aim of the new fleet system was to move away from excel spreadsheets to manage the vehicle data: a method deemed cumbersome by management and limited its ability to encourage a pro-active approach to fleet management. Both the fleet and the maintenance department worked with separate, disjointed spreadsheets to manage operational data, but neither department shared the collated information with the other. This created blind spots for each department and meant that many crucial decisions were being made without the full picture in view. This in turn prompted the organisation to question its risk management and prevention strategy. This resulted in servicing only being run from a time basis, no distance intervals could be calculated as workshops didn't see the fuel records. The fleet department would have multiple people working on the spreadsheet, so when one was in it, the other could not access the content. This contributed to excessive time and administration being spent on updating records. It was recognised that a centralised approach was needed. All council-owned vehicles and plant items were to be managed within one, web-based system. The council has multiple workshops, so individual access to all authorised personnel at any given time was essential.

Client Benefits

Post implementation, the Council now benefits from: * Data validation * A centralised system with distributed access across the entire organisation * FleetWave's flexible security allowed all vehicle related data to be controlled giving specific groups the visibility to view the relevant vehicle data. * Integrated system allows workshops to benefit from fleet data imports such as fuel * Council-wide pool booking system, allowing all employees to see what vehicles are available and request a booking on-line. * Greater reporting due to better data monitoring and exception reporting.

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